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Humminbird Training on Table Rock Lake

REAL Hands On and On the Water Training!

Humminbird Training

Side Imaging a Monster Table Rock Spoonbill

Get your Humminbird Training on Table Rock Lake today! Learn how to use 2-D, Down Imaging, Side Imaging, Humminbird 360, GPS and Mapping, Installation and Setup. Read and Understand what you are seeing on the Hummingbird 700, 800, 900, 1100 and Onix Humminbird Electronics and now also now offering Ipilot Training to learn how to use contour follow, spot lock and the New Lakemaster mapping!

Humminbird Training

Humminbird Down Imaging

Complete on the water and hands on training of the new Humminbird units with real life use on the deep clear waters of Table Rock Lake. Let Branson Fishing Guide Service teach you the Setup, Configuration and the Understanding of what you are Reading with these outstanding electronics.

Humminbird Training

Down Imaging with a 1198

Get Humminbird Training with Extreme detailed sonar images from what is not only below your boat but what is on the sides of your boat, find new fishing spots that know one else has found,  pick out new deep water trees, docks, brush piles, foundations, rock piles, ledges, road beds, ditches, drop offs and much more. Find fish suspended in a tree or on the front and sides of deep water docks and which areas of these types of structure will produce the best fishing experience for you. This unit opens a new world of fishing structure.  Learn in’s and out’s of deep water vertical fishing, reading and understanding how to use your 2D Graph, Finding sweet spots on the graph,Understand what you are seeing, and catch more fish!

Humminbird Training

2-D Humminbird Deep Water Schooling Bass

On this Humminbird Training instructional fishing trip you will learn not only how to setup and get this Humminbird unit working right, but what you are seeing and how to read

Humminbird Training

Humminbird 360 on the New Onix 10

what you are seeing and how this unit can really accelerate your fishing skills and increase your catch ratio to the fullest. Learn who to use these Humminbird Units from a Professional Fishing Guide who uses these units to make a full time living everyday, Included also will the be use of the Internal GPS system so you can located and return to these new location anytime you need.

Humminbird Training

Sunken Boat found with Humminbird Side Imaging

Let Branson Fishing Guide Service and Capt. Don open your eye’s to the real way of Down Imaging, Side Imaging and now Humminbird 360! Come get your “HANDS ON” Humminbird Training and learn all of the basic and advanced techniques from your boat or ours and unlock finding and catching more fish.

We offer training only trips starting at $150.00 for 2 hour min or 4 hours for training and fishing for $300.00 your boat or mine! Call to today book your Humminbird Training trip, days are filling up fast! Book today!

See you on the water!

Capt. Don House

12 Responses to Humminbird Training Table Rock Lake

  1. Mark Haus says:

    I have a Humminbird 999 and would like to learn how it all works.

  2. admin says:

    Mark Give me a call we can discuss my on the water training! 417-270-7157

  3. gary sorrells says:

    I have a new helix 7 di ,just put it on boat and been watching your videos. How can I reduce the size of the overlays. all I want is the depth, temp and would like it on the top instead of the bottom. which is the best, top or bottom? Thank you for your help

  4. gary sorrells says:

    Do you have instructional videos for sale?

  5. admin says:

    Gary you can change the top or bottom I believe but size will not change. call we can discuss..

  6. admin says:

    No I do not, there is a guy on Facebook called Technology Angler that was some video for sale.. Never looked them over but seem to be pretty good. Also check Doug V or IMONMEM YOUTUBE he has a bunch of free videos that are great,Doug is a close friend and very good!!

  7. Sean Ricker says:

    Anyone you recommend for sonar installation before I take the class?

  8. admin says:

    Yes Marine Repair in Springfield MO.. Ask For Brad tell him Capt. Don Sent you they will do it right the first time!

  9. Wes says:

    Do you also do lowrance HDS training?

  10. admin says:

    No sorry I do not, but I do have friends that do.. call me we can discuss.. 417-270-7157

  11. Larry Walker says:

    Mr. Don,
    This is Larry Walker. Can you instruct me on Helix 12 Chirp and the new Mega Imaging? Appreciate it.

  12. admin says:

    Yes I sure can.. call me we can discuss.. 417-270-7157

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