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Grandt Custom Rods

Grandt Industries
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Warranty by Grandt

Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

The Industry’s Finest


If an All American or XLH70 fishing rod is broken in any way, fishing or otherwise, ship that rod to Grandt Industries along with a letter of explanation.  Include your name, address, and phone number along with a check for $22.50 per rod, for warranty processing. 
NO warranty will be processed without prepayment of the $22.50, per rod
If we are in receipt of a warranty fishing rod not accompanied by a check or money order you will receive notice of the balance due.  
If a check, money order or credit card number is not received within 60 days, the warranty on that fishing rod will be null and void. Grandt Industries will then repair or replace your fishing rod and return it to you as soon as possible. 
This warranty applies to all wholesale, private label and all other Grandt customers.  Blatant  abuse will void this warranty.  IM3000, XLH3000 and XLH52 rods have a one year warranty replacement and are not part of our Lifetime Warranty. Split Bamboo Rods are not covered by this warranty due to the material itself and elements it can be exposed to.

"This warranty does not apply to rods broken by airlines or freight carriers."

Any rod shipped out of the country for warranty or otherwise will need to be quoted by us.

Warranty rods that are to be repaired or replaced are normally shipped within 3 to 6 weeks after Grandt Industries receives the rod. Thank You!

Warranty Shipping address:         
Grandt Industries
203 S. Highland Avenue
Arlington Heights, IL  60005