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Branson Fishing Guide Service a Full time Professional Fishing Guide serving Branson Missouri on Beautiful Table Rock Lake and Taneycomo Lake for Bass, Crappie, White Bass, Pan Fish, Seasonal Spoonbill and Year around on Taneycomo Lake in Branson Missouri for Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout with trophy trout fishing in the winter time..

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Table Rock Lake and Taneycomo Lake Fishing Reports


Fishing report for 10/22/2013
By Captain Don House of Branson Fishing Guide Service
Email: don@bransonfishingguideservice.com
Web Site: www.bransonfishingguideservice.com
Water Level: 916.4 Normal Pool 915.00
Water Temperature: Low 70's  
Water Color: Main Stained but clear 3 feet down.
Wind Condition: Light
Forecast: Colder 
Well Fall is in full swing now and Table Rock Lake is cooling very fast. Main Lake temps are in the low 70's and falling. Bass are scattered all over the lake with river areas having the stronger bite. Main Lake is a day to day basis, One day you have a 6.5 small mouth then the next day you struggle to find a few bites. Depth is starting to play a key role in finding these guys. Small Mouth seem to be up shallow early in the mornings chasing shad and crawfish. 3 to 12 foot range seems to be the best early then as the day moves on fish seem to be moving down to around 30 feet on the bottom on main lake primary and secondary points with ledges or breaks on them. Next pattern I found was on some of the docks on the deeper banks, fish seemed to be in two places, First on the front walkways in the shade and then second on the shaded side but on the outside corners of the docks. Shade was the key on this pattern. Lets talk about the baits we used. 
Primary Baits:
Football jigs slow dragged on the bottom in the 8 to 20 foot range will get the bite, but also was catching some fish swimming the jig back to the boat as well so try both for the bite. Also targeting docks on super sunny weeks and flipping the docks stalls in deeper waters, bite is on the fall. Size of the jigs change from 1/2 to 3/4 ounce jigs in the basic Table Rock Colors should work great. PB&J, Green Pumpkin, Missouri Craw. Trailers are the basic craw looking like the Zoom speed craw in my favorite color watermelon cotton candy or a 4" twin tailed grub by Chompers in the same Watermelon Cotton Candy!
Shakey Head Jigs in the 1/8 to 3/8 ounce range. Rigging these with a Zoom 7" Trick Worm in Watermelon Cotton Candy or Green Pumpkin. Fishing these in the same areas as the jig bite. Slow dragging and flipping around docks worked best.
Tubes in the same weight range are working but seems to be a day to day basis. Green Pumpkin 4" Chomper tubes are working for me. Just have to play with colors and sizes down to a 3" tube as well.
Spinnerbaits was also picking up a few nice small mouth early. Double willow 3/8 War Eagle in Mouse color was getting hammered, Cole Slaw colors will get a bite as well..
Spoon's in all white from 1/2 to 3/4 ounce are working well in the right docks. I'm flipping and pitching these spoons in the open docks stall with deep water and cables. Allowing the spoon to free fall down using the reel as a brake and to feel the tap. Bite was always on the fall even had a few that were swim off's. My favorite way to fish in the fall.
Good Fishing Everyone..
Taneycomo Trout Fishing (Lower River Landing Area)  
Trout fishing is still strong even with all of the current. Fishing is active just have to find special spots, fished all weekend with really good days in the slack waters of Lake Taneycomo.. Have to stay out of current or find a good eddie and fish the backside of it.. Powerbait is still the ticket colors change everyday.. 4 Hours 15 to 25 fish normal. 

Good Fishing Everyone

Capt. Don House

Branson Fishing Guide Service